Goodbye Fat Cells

The submental fat, known as double chin, may be frustrating to some of us. If you have found it difficult to diminish the appearance of double chin due to any reason such as genetics, you may benefit from Kybella

 At GLOWAESTHETICS, Dr. DiMeola offers Kybella as a safe and effective method to treating submental fullness, commonly referred to as a ‘double chin’. Kybella is an injectable that destroys the fat cells under the chin. This treatment can help you regain your self-confidence with minimal to no side effects.

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What is Kybella?

Kybella, an FDA-approved product, reduces the appearance of a double chin to improve your profile. It consists of a naturally occurring compound, deoxycholic acid. Deoxycholic acid is produced by the body to help digest fat. When injected into the submental fat area, Kybella causes the destruction of fat cells. Therefore, you will notice an improvement in the contour of the neck and jawline. This is an effective method for patients who do not wish to experience the side effects and/or downtown associated with surgical methods such as liposuction and/or neck lift. You may benefit from Kybella in many ways. For instance, Kybella is a fast and relatively pain-free procedure, effective and non-surgical.

What is the Difference between Kybella and other Surgical Methods?

AT GLOWAESTHETICS, Dr. DiMeola offers Kybella as a safe and effective treatment to permanently destroy fat cells. The downtime for Kybella is minimal compared to the surgical methods. Therefore, you may resume your normal activities following the treatment. However in some cases, a face/neck lift or liposuction may be more appropriate for the patient. Dr. DiMeola will consult if Kybella is appropriate for each patients’ unique needs.

What to Expect During a Kybella Treatment

At GLOWAESTHETICS, patient satisfaction and experience are essential. Dr. DiMeola will assess your needs and establish a unique, effective treatment plan for you during your consultation. Kybella is a 15-minute procedure, Dr. DiMeola will use an ultra-fine needle to inject a series of small injections into the treatment area. Depending on patient desired outcome and needs, after 2-3 treatment sessions spaced at least a month apart, visible reduction of submental fat can be noticed.

Following the treatment, patients are advised not to touch, press, rub, massage or manipulate the treatment area. Ice may be applied to ease the discomfort. Consuming alcohol and smoking cigarettes are to be avoided for at least 24-48 hours. Additionally, it is also advised for the patients to drink plenty of water and fluids post-treatment. A complete list of pre- and post-care instructions will be provided for you. The side effects of Kybella treatments are minimal. However, you may experience, swelling, bruising, pain, numbness, burning and tingling sensation or redness. These are common and temporary side effects and are generally resolved on their own following the treatment.

What to Expect After a Kybella Treatment

Patients will see visible results in 2-4 treatments. Because every patient is unique, the number treatments needed varies. Patients should not receive more than 6 treatments per treatment area. The fat cells destroyed with Kybella do not return again and results should last, barring significant weight gain.

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