eyelash extensions south burlington


At GLOWAESTHETICS, we consider eyelashes an art form.  Taking each client's eye shape, unique features, and desired outcome into consideration we can custom tailor a look that truly enhances each individual. Whether you choose perming or eyelash extensions, eyes will be enhanced and beautifully defined.


Eyelash extension South Burlington


Imagine, no more mascara! Eyelash extensions add fullness, definition, length, and curl to the lash line.  One eyelash extension is applied per single eyelash in traditional "classic" lashing; for "volume" lash extensions, multiple extensions are applied per single eyelash, thusly giving a more dramatic look.  A 'hybrid' set offers the best of both worlds, adding definition and dimension.  At this time, we offer classic and hybrid sets. Extension hairs can vary in length, thickness, and curl, as well as the materials used to make them.

Eyelash extension South Burlington


Fills or touch-ups are required to keep lashes pristine.  While how frequently you will need a touch-up varies, most clients return every 2-3 weeks.  During a touch-up, the lashes are refreshed and extensions are replaced as needed.  Several factors can make your lashes last longer.  Generally, it is best to keep freshly applied lashes dry (no water) for 24 hours, to avoid the use of oil-based products, and to avoid excessive rubbing around the eyes.  Enjoy the pleasure of waking up bright eyed without makeup! Winking is especially encouraged!


Eyelash extention South Burlington

Imagine maintenance free definition. This 45 minute treatment offers perfectly curled and lifted lashes that last for 6-8 weeks.  Clients enjoy a more visible lash line that is customized depending on desired look and lash length.  This treatment is excellent for those with drooping lids, as it offers a  more awake, bright eyed look. Book a Curl Perfect Lash Lift and Tint to add further definition and depth to lash line.


Classic Lashes:

Full Set: $200

Quick Fill: $70

Fill:  $85

Hybrid Lashes:

Full Set: $230

Fill:  $100

Lash Lifting: $80

Lash Lifting + Tinting: $100